Background to the Project

I’ve been writing for many years. I’m not a writer by profession or education, although I wrote a lot to get a history degree, and my job as an IT administrator does require me to write bullet-pointed documentation and snarky Skype messages. Instead, I’ve written for fun off and on for the last decade, with an extremely variable level of commitment. Maybe once a year I’d try to write something, and sometimes get as far as the second page before taking a 300-day break.

Two things happened in my life that disrupted this cycle. First, NaNoWriMo showed me that I could, in fact, write at least 50,000 words if I put my mind to it and consumed enough coffee/tea/sugar/amphetamines. The second thing was that I failed to get into graduate school.

I spent six months working on getting into a graduate program in history, even working with a member of the admissions board to make sure that my application was as good as it possibly could be, and I still failed. This led to something of a crisis of confidence, and I frankly I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life. I’d been banking on graduate school for months and when it was gone I needed something to fill the life-vacuum.

But while I was feeling sorry for myself, my pleasant memories of frantic novel-writing were piping up from the back of my brain, hollering at me to remember them.

So I started writing again. I’ve put together a few polished short stories, with the first of these going out to a market near you soon (dear heaven). So I might succeed or fail there. Whatever. Writing short stories is fun but there’s no way that I can achieve my maximum writing potential (as measured in sleepless nights) without writing a novel. And as long as I’m writing a novel, I might as well do it really quickly.

So, I’ve decided to write a full, publication-worthy (to use the phrase extremely loosely) novel in six months. Hey, if Danielle Steele can put out three novels a year and make more money than a Rockefeller, who says I can’t?

This website is a chronicle of that journey. Hopefully, you and I can look back on this first post in three months and laugh, saying how stupid I was to even think that I could be successful. Or something like that.

Anyway, good to have you aboard.

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