A Few Words on Structure

At the heart of my novel (still untitled, by the way) is a solar-system-wide conspiracy involving local crime bosses, interplanetary hypercorps, and even the government. Obviously, if you have a conspiracy, you’re going to want to get to the bottom of it, and you’re going to want regular updates to the effect of “this goes deeper than we thought!”

So, keeping the ABCs in mind (“always be conspiring”), here’s my thoughts: the novel will be divided into approximately four sections, with each section taking place on one body in the Solar System. Each section will end with a revelation about the conspiracy, and with the characters running farther away from Earth.

I’m worried that this will end up being too mechanical, but I kind of like its metaphorical qualities. Throughout the story, the characters get further from Earth both in terms of physical distance and emotional distance. Not to mention legal distance; you don’t unearth chunks of conspiracy and stay buddy-buddy with everyone.

If anyone has thoughts about this, please don’t hesitate to sound off in the comments. In fact, don’t be afraid to leave comments at all: somebody has to be the first one and I know that at least a couple of people have seen my posts. I hereby promise a cookie to the first person (other than my wife!) to post a comment.

3 responses to “A Few Words on Structure

  1. First!

    Actually I don’t think having a structure like this is per se a bad thing, and the one you’re proposing sounds like it would make sense with the story. I had one for my comic book project, too (I used the Major Arcana of Tarot, one for each issue), and it sounded fun, until my characters ripped the whole idea apart on page 2. Hrmpf.

    And that’s pretty much the only caveat here IMHO: Use any metaphorical structure you like, especially if it helps you with the writing, as long as it works with the story and characters. But if they don’t go along, kill the structure. It’s not a requirement to have a metaphorical structure to tell a good story, but your characters and plot are.

    Can I have my cookie now? 😉

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