Bonus: Initial Character List!

For the first time, I’ve assembled by tentative list of primary and secondary characters into one place. If you’re curious – and why wouldn’t you be? – you can find this list after the jump. Minor spoiler warning, I guess. What’s the protocol on that if the spoilee hasn’t been written yet?

Mary Ellen

Stephen Montgomery, captain

Eileen Cromwell, pilot

Benjamin Riley, ship’s engineer

Almika Speer, geologist

Melissa Ingram, mining engineer

Brighton, Luna

Thomas Gabriel, UNASCA administrator

Joanna Newton, administrative assistant

Belt Group, Ltd., Earth

Ronaldo Chen, CEO

Rosetta Lovelace, VP of public affairs

Robert Forrester, assistant VP

Bronwyn Calleo, enforcer

Keven Miletic, enforcer


Janis Chu, chief administrator

Israel Moen, deputy administrator of contract management

Hartley Aerostat, Venus

Tari Stefanovic, materials buyer

Lamont Kinsey, smuggler

Tenec Balin, smuggler


Dr. Corinne Sydney, planetologist

Kiros Makua, retired miner

Tranquility Gardens, Europa

Kai Gracelove, rebel leader

Yessenea Pruitt, UNASCA administrator

Felicia Botiz, extractor operations

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