Headline Tomorrow

Okay, so my regular readers (ha!) are probably starting to learn that when I say that I’ll do something “tomorrow,” it really means that I’ll do it in two to three days. If it’s any consolation, I’m like this in real life as well as on the internet.

Anyway, what I said I was going to write about was why I wasn’t going to make the Sunday-morning write-in at Sound Grounds, and it’s the same reason why I’m not going to be able to make the one at Papacinno’s tomorrow. And it’s a good reason, I promise.

Tiberius the Dog

Tiberius the Dog

Yes, that’s right. My wife and I adopted a puppy. She’d been wanting one for years, and after hanging out with my parent’s new puppy for a few days, I was only too willing to agree with her. He’s a male whippet that we’ve named Tiberius – it’s because the Tiber river runs fast (I’ve been listening to I, Claudius and both the wife and I have a historical bent).

He’s been quite the handful. Given the amount of time and effort that we’ve put into his care in the last 36 hours, my admiration for anyone who’s had kids has increased tenfold. Between the crate training, the potty training, the obedience training, and the keeping him from chewing on various things, it’s been exhausting.

Still, as of tonight I am halfway through NaNoWriMo, having crossed the 25,000 word mark earlier this evening. That’s worthy of celebration – this is by far the most consistently I’ve ever written, and my discipline training over the last few months has paid off tremendously. I’m not entirely thrilled with what I’ve written, but even if the pacing and style is awkward, at least the plot has proved enjoyable, and I’ve got a few fun characters. Re-writing this one to get it done in under six months is going to be a chore, though.

Still, I’m happily pounding away. Ah, the writer’s life.


2 responses to “Headline Tomorrow

  1. Oh hey, that was quick. Do the chinches make anything of the dog, or are they just their usual unreadable selves?

    Also congrats on hitting the halfway point. An impressive feat for the first eight days. Going to go for a second novel this month then?

    • Yeah, a perfect opportunity just kind of fell into our lap. It was pretty remarkable. The chinchillas and the dog have so far paid almost no attention to each other, which is fine with me. They’re both pretty lazy for most of the day.

      As for NaNo, I’m pretty happy with myself, but it’s still a long haul. I estimate that my novel will still take seven to ten more weeks to finish, at an estimated 125,000 words total.

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