Brief Update

The last two days have kind of conspired against me. New dog and little sleep means no writing. Good thing I built up such a hefty word bank!. In fact, I’m well on course to finish a record nine days early, right in the midst of the deadly week three.

Of course that’s not the end of my novel, not even halfway. Given my excellent performance so far, ahead of schedule, I’ve revised my drafting plan. I want to be done with the rough draft by the end of December, a full two weeks ahead of my originally planned completion date in January. That’ll give me a full three months to do the revision, and although I might need more than that, that’s pretty much all I’m going to allow myself.

In reality six months probably won’t be enough time to get this novel into the highest quality possible, and I’ll admit that does decrease my chances of selling it. But, it’s pretty unlikely that I could sell my first novel anyway; this is more a chance to make a rough draft of the entire process and improve my craft than it is a chance to write a salable novel.

My extremely long term goal is to write at least one novel a year, preferably two, until I get sold. And if I do get sold writing at that rate, then it’ll mean that I can probably sell another at that rate, and it’ll maximize my chances of making an actual income at this. It might take five years, it might take ten, or it might never happen. But I’m enjoying myself, remaining hopeful, and above all remaining committed. And that’s what counts the most.

Finally, if you haven’t followed some of the links in my last post, I would encourage you to do so. There’s a lot interesting stuff there, and like I said, it’s very important to me.

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