Super Important Falcon 9/Dragon Update URGENT

Apparently there was a lot of speculation yesterday about a “secret payload” (Top Secret, even) on the Dragon spacecraft, known only the privileged upper echelons of SpaceX’s ranks.

Today that secret payload was revealed!

From SpaceX’s press release:

SpaceX Reveal’s Dragon’s “Secret” Payload

Before the successful launch, voyage, and recovery of SpaceX’s Dragon Spacecraft, the first time in history a commercial company has recovered a spacecraft from orbit, reporters were buzzing with news of a “secret” payload, stowed on board.

It was a payload so secret, SpaceXers made it Top Secret (think Val Kilmer 1984, not official US Government).

Top Secret cargo!

So what was inside the mystery package? Their tribute to Monty Python.

A wheel of cheese.

Bravo, SpaceX. May all of your space voyages involve cultured foodstuffs.

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