Welcome Back Everyone!

I trust that everyone had a good holiday? I had so much fudge and meat and coffee that I’m fit to burst. Unfortunately, it’s over for another year, the family has gone home, and my vacation is at an end.

So, here’s a quick recap of where I am in terms of work that needs to be done on Fugitives from Earth:

  • Approximately 35,000 to 50,000 words remain to be written. Strange how small a number that seems to me now.
  • That includes about 34 scenes based on my earlier outline.
  • Therefore, to get the project done by the middle of January (say January 15th, 20 days from now) I need to write about 1.75 scenes a day to get the first draft done on time.

At that point, I can take a break before doing the editing. In order to get some distance from the story I’ll probably take a week and work on something else, like a short story. I’ve got a few ideas on that score. Once the editing starts, after all, it’ll be a three month stretch to the end. That’s serious business.

Speaking of editing, I’m looking into getting some software that’ll make it easy for me to do things like easily split my novel into scenes, tag scenes with characters, collect my notes for easy reference, create timelines and outlines, and generally play around with the structure of the novel in a metadata heavy way. Any ideas about a program for Windows 7 that can pull that off? I’m curious about Liquid Story Binder but I haven’t yet downloaded a trial.


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