Actually, getting up early in the morning to write has been a godsend for me. I think that, despite many years vociferous denial, I may have to admit that I am against all odds a morning person. Even in non-writing contexts, if I can motivate myself to get out of bed at all I get way more done between 6:00 AM and noon than between noon and 6:00 PM. That’s why I always try to eat lunch as late as possible at work; I seem to work less after lunch and the day drags on.

Unfortunately, despite discovering this lovely little niche of time in which to write, I very much doubt that I’ll be able to finish my first draft by Saturday. The first few scenes of Part IV that I’ve been working on over the last few days have been really tough ones to write, and rather than getting four scenes done a day I’m at more like 1.5. I’m hoping it’ll pick up once I get a little closer toward the end of the story, but even so I may have to use up a chunk of my break week getting the draft done. Getting everything done in six months is no more crazy than usual, fortunately.

So, this is only the second time that I’ve written a draft of what might be called a complete novel, and this one is about five times as complex as the other. Naturally it’s not going to be great, but it’s turned out to be really uneven. My foreshadowing is pretty weak, some of my characters (including a main character!) are indistinct, and my plot is a tangled mess of abrupt shifts: it’s not so good. That’s okay, in theory, because I’m going to revise it all away. In practice, though, pushing past that has not been as trivial as I’d assumed it would be, and that’s why it’s taking longer than expected.

Still, this has been a great process and I’ve learned a lot. And I’m looking forward to getting this stupid draft done so I can make it pretty.

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