Friday Link Salad

Happy Friday, everyone! Very much looking forward to the weekend? That makes two of us. I’m still tooling away on my most recent short story while finally getting around to editing Fugitives from Earth. That’s such a huge freaking project that I can barely wrap my head around it right now, but I’m hoping that I’m able to get over that a bit by the weekend.

Since there’s nothing exciting going on in my life, here’s some stuff from other people’s:

  • Kepler Mission results – The Kepler observatory orbits the sun between Earth and Mars. A space telescope kind of like the Hubble, Kepler spends all of its time monitoring just a very small section of the sky with the specific goal of finding planets in other solar systems. To say the least, it’s been successful. Earth-like planets? Yes, please.
  • Robert J. Sawyer on science fiction – Even though I love science fiction, and I’ll be the first to argue its literary qualities, it’s hard to avoid stereotype that it’s nerdy, Star Trekky wish fulfillment by people who can’t write real literature. Fortunately, even if people won’t listen to me when I argue that, they’ll have a harder time with this well written and well thought out article by one of the genre’s stalwarts.
  • Gaming and changing the world – I love playing video games. Even when they involve hard work and deep thought, I go crazy for them. Jane McGonigal, video game designer and future PAX East keynote speaker, argues that there is something special about video games that makes hard work seem not so hard. If we can apply that certain je ne sais quoi to real life problems, what would be beyond our reach?

Fun note: McGonigal will be speaking at an OMSI Science Pub this Monday, which I fully plan on attending. I love listening to smart people talk.

So, good weekend, and good reading and writing.

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