Halfway to Being Sort of Halfway Done

As of today, I am halfway done with what I am calling the “phase one” revision of Fugitives from Earth. Woo! The fun thing about writing is that no matter how much you get done on your novel or short story or essay or whatever, there is always at least a little bit more you can do. In my case, there’s more than a little bit, and phase one is the first of, I don’t know, five or six phases.

But, the end of phase one will be a significant milestone because at that point, I’ll feel comfortable sending the story out to beta readers. I have no idea who’s going to fulfill that particular goal – even my wife is probably too busy with school to volunteer. So, if you’re interested, please, let me know and we can talk.

I definitely have to say that every single scene that I’m writing now is twice as good as the ones that they’re replacing. The character moments are more interesting, the action is better, and everything fits together just a little tighter. I was pretty skeptical when I started this project out, but it looks like, against all odds, I might actually have a novel here. And if it’s not great, at least it might be okay.

For a first try, I’ll take it.


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