Back on the Locomotive

After about a week of really poor writing days, I think I might finally be back to making forward progress. Turns out that writing for revision is harder than writing a quick discovery draft (shock) so I have to accept that I can’t write as quickly as I can during NaNoWriMo. That said, I can still easily turn out 1000 words an hour, and most of them will turn not to be worthy of immediate burning with fire. I’ve been doing this for several days, and I am filled with overwhelming joy to be able to say that I am once again halfway done with this revision sequence.


So, I’ve got something likeĀ  five scenes left in Part III, and thirteen left in Part IV, and then a quick few tweaks to the beginning half, and I’m done with this revision. Bring in the beta readers! There’s still time to sign up if you want to become on of them!

On a somewhat related note, for several weeks I’ve been doing my writing on a laptop while sitting in a recliner. While massively comfortable and providing a good view of the apartment, I think that it was kind of cramping my style, writing-wise. I’ve spent the last few days sitting at a table staring out the window, using a less comfortable but entirely serviceable chair, and I think that definitely made a difference to my word count, to say nothing of my typing accuracy.

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