Not Quite

So, remember how I said that I wanted to have that bit of flash fiction for you today? Didn’t really turn out, believe it or not. I’ll try to have it tomorrow, but for some reason the muse wasn’t speaking today. Not sure why.

Okay, I do know why. It was because I spent all morning reading Catching Fire and everything that I tried to put down on the page looked like crap. It’s weird: writers need books to stay sharp, but there’s always the risk of backlash. Ah, well.

One response to “Not Quite

  1. Had the exact same experience, after the exact same set of books. Time smoothed it out and I’m hopeful l gained something in analyzing what went so very right in those books. We should kick that around at mtg. Anyway, give it a few days and your muse will return, humbled, but it WILL return.

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