The Reread

Today marks the second day of my Fugitives from Earth re-read.

It’s going…okay. It’s actually going fine, really. Just great.

First of all, a shout-out to my lovely and talented wife, who took that massive pile of paper and perfectly bound it using top-secret techniques I wouldn’t dream of posting on the internet. Some things, man was not meant to know.

On topic: I’m over a quarter of the way through the book, and I’m not yet done today. This is a pretty cursory re-read, as I’ve mentioned; I need to move fast to keep the over-editing friction from dragging me to a complete stop. “Only mark consistency problems,” I keep saying. “Only mark spelling or punctuation errors where meaning is unclear.” Gah. Ugh.

First thing this morning, I wrote up some thoughts on the previous day’s reading, and I think I’m starting to get a handle on some changes I want to make. The flow of the story overall isn’t too bad, at least in the parts I’ve read, but there are a lot of wasted character moments, minor inconsistencies, and a few outright unbelievable situations. I’m feeling confident that all of these things can be changed, but how long it’s going to take, I have no idea.

Speaking of which, NIWA has just reserved its table at OryCon 33, and I fully intend to be there, in the booth, with a book to sell. That makes the release date of Fugitives from Earth November 11th, giving me just under 6 months (specifically, 178 days) to get the final copies in my hand. Ah, deadlines. A wonderful thing.


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