Progress, and Other News

So, I’m writing. This is a good thing. Unfortunately, unlike Orson Scott Card, I can’t write endlessly about writing, so this is going to be a pretty short post.

Having a deadline has helped. With my re-read finished, I’ve been able to start into my phase 1.5 revision, and it’s been going decent. I don’t know if I was sick or what, but for the first part of this week not only did I not feel like writing, I barely felt like moving my limbs. I lived on Cheetos and YouTube for pretty much 48 hours…at least when I wasn’t sleeping. Fortunately, it passed, and now I’m back on track.

My goal is to get half of my revision done by this weekend. That’s half page-wise, by the way. The last half of the book is going to take more than half the time, I’m sure of it. Even so, I’m kind of hurrying here; I don’t want to tarry over words that’ll get sliced up in the beta reading phase anyway. Just keep it consistent, I have to tell myself, keep the characters in one piece and the plot moving along and don’t worry about the prose. It’s kind of liking doing NaNo all over again.

Anyway, I’m anxious to get things out to the readers so I can get their feedback and really pour myself into the revisions. November is going to come soon!

Speaking of which, it looks like I’m going to be at another con this fall! Woo! It’s actually not really a con, per se, it’s the Pacific Northwest Booksalers Association fall trade show, where all the indie booksellers hang out. Regardless, NIWA will have a table there, and one of the badges that comes with it has my name on it. It’s October 13-15th, and I’d love to have Fugitives from Earth done by that point, but we’ll see.

I’m definitely not going to have it done by late August, for Worldcon, but I’d love to have a cover, blurb, and sample chapters by that point. Not that I plan on foisting them off on anyone, mind, but there’s always the chance that someone will ask. Hmm. Should probably get some business cards as well.


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