A Very Productive Day

As of just a few minutes ago, I’m halfway through my Fugitives from Earth revision, and probably only a week or two from sending it to the beta readers. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the power of the deadline.

Also, I’m starting to actually feel good about this novel again. I spent a lot of time cringing during my re-read, as you probably remember. Fortunately, the draft’s looking a lot better for a spot of revision, and I daresay I won’t be humiliated for sending it out to the beta readers.

Not that it’s going to be perfect, or anything. That’s going to take a little more time.


2 responses to “A Very Productive Day

  1. I am so jealous. I’m only 1/3 of the way (okay that’s probably generous) through with my revision of Yetzirah. I’m trying to have it done in time for Orycon33 and that deadline is helping, but painful.

    • It’s more like I’m half through being a third of the way through, so I’ve definitely got my work cut out for me. Writing can be great fun, and it can also be tremendously painful. Often, it’s both.

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