BONUS POST: The Three Positronic Brains

I was listening to the most recent episode of Writing Excuses, and I was intrigued by a throwaway mashup that Brandon Sanderson mentioned: Goldilocks and the Three Positronic Brains. I know, right? So, I wrote a drabble* from it. Enjoy.

As I unsealed the inner data sanctum of the Syndicate hulk, I whispered my first prayer in ages. If I couldn’t get this hulk powered up, I was a dead man.

Carefully unbundling the gold ops logic probe, I plugged it into interface for the first positronic brain. Nothing happened. “Impedence polarity is too high,” I muttered, and tried the second brain’s interface. It erupted into a shower of sparks, fried dead. The impedence polarity was far, far too low.

The third: perfect. The ship powered up, and years later, the Syndicate found me caught in the sanctum’s stasis field.

*A drabble is a short story of exactly 100 words.

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