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As of tonight, I plan to be 3/4 done with my current draft of Fugitives from Earth, with a firm deadline for finishing the rest of the thing by Friday, if possible. That way, I can get the thing out to the beta readers over the weekend. It’s tough sending it out when I know that there are still problems, but I don’t want to fall into the same trap I did with short stories. This way, when people have suggestions–and there are plenty of things to suggest, I daresay–I don’t feel bad changing everything around, because it’s not done yet anyway.

I had a great meeting with the rest of the Northwest Independent Writers Association yesterday. All of the meetings are great, really; it’s amazing how functional the group is after a mere four months of meetings. A couple of them had some great things to say about my story, and for that I was profoundly happy. Sometimes, I need to positive feedback, since my own inner editor frequently just gives me the negative stuff. I don’t know what that guy’s problem is.

On a somewhat different note, I’ve been thinking about the various ways I can actually start my career as an freelance writer, and I’ve been having a really hard go of it. I’m kind of a timid person naturally, but worse than that, I’m often very resistant to change. Unfortunately, what I’m talking about is a damned serious kind of change. As a guy who’s been working at the same job for a decade (this month, actually!), changing not just jobs, but fields, is tough. And this would be a tough place to break in even if I was the most outgoing radical guy around. Oh, how I wish for the days where just a bit of talent would get a friendly editor to take you under his wing and support you while you learned the craft. It’s all dog-eat-dog today, and I don’t even know where to find the dogs, if that makes any sense.

My plan for the time being: write more. I figure that, at the very least, that’s one endeavor that won’t go to waste.


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  1. Hi Brad,
    I know there’s a lot of negative energy out there about writing on demand for the Internet. Still…I have to say it’s been pretty good to me. For instance, I wrote 100, 400 word articles for eHow (back when they existed). It took me about two months, writing one article a day on average. Due to a horrible computer glitch I lost 50 of them. (Never store your stuff on someone else’s server was the lesson that day!) Nonetheless those 50 articles (I quit to take a year off and remodel my house) slowly began to generate a passive income. I earned more over time on them than I would have with a mid-list magazine. When eHow was bought out they purchased my copyright and that is how I’m financing the publication of my book.

    There are a number of sites looking to hire writers for everything from term papers to product reviews. Some pay garbage. Some are awesome. Once you’ve figured out which is which you can write an eBook teaching others. I did and it too brought in a few pennies.

    Freelancing is a lot like juggling. Initially you’ll have to make a lot of connections, take on this and that, test what brings in some money and what doesn’t and hopefully, while doing this, and keeping the day job, you’ll establish your creds and build a client base. You’ll also be doing the sci fi writer thing, and that will also add to the bank account. In any case I wish you luck.

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