This Post was On Time

Gah, another late Friday post. What’s getting into me? Vacation spirit, probably. It’s been a busy weekend so far.

First, a quick Fugitives from Earth update. Just this morning, a full two weeks late, I finished up with Part I. That brings me to 25% complete with this draft. For those of you keeping track, I should be at 50% right now, so this isn’t really what I would call optimal. On the other hand, I just plotted out Part II and the revisions there are much less substantial. Rather than four new scenes, I only have to write two, and the updates to existing scenes are way less dramatic than I had feared.

I want to build up a good deal of momentum going into Part III, because there’s going to be some difficulty there. I’m actually suspending my short story weekends for the duration, as much as I hate to, until I get back on track. Still, I’m feeling good, feeling confident.

To keep up that momentum and keep my on task, I’m starting a new regular write-in on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On those days I’ll be heading up to Case Study Coffee on Sandy Blvd in Portland, just to get out of the house and out somewhere where I can focus. I’ve done semi-regular write-ins here with Mary Robinette Kowal, Shanna Germain, and others, and they’ve all been quite productive. So now I figure, why wait? I can write there whether others are present or not.

One thing I am wary about, once all this drafting is done, is the line editing. Most writers cannot line-edit their own stuff, and I definitely count among the “most” there. On the other hand, most professional editors charge $1000 or more to do proofreading for an entire book, and it would take me many years to recoup that if I even had the cash on hand. Full disclosure: I don’t. So if anyone out there in readerland knows someone who will do proofreading for cheap or free, I’d appreciate it. They don’t have to be professionals, they just have to have some very basic qualifications.

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