The Sitch

How do things stand at the end of week one of three? Well, I finished Part II. Parts III and IV are yet to come, so it might seem like I’m on schedule–one part per week–but I’m not. I want to have at least a few days to read through what I’ve already done and streamline it. My current edits are a bit scattershot and that’s something that will probably need work.

So things are a bit hectic. I’m still pretty optimistic about my original deadline, but some things are going to get a bit squished, I have no doubt. Strange to be so concerned about a day that’s still two and a half months away.

I’m going to do a couple of hours of writing tomorrow morning, and then not much for the rest of the weekend. Sunday is moving day, and even though we’re only moving a mile or so, I’m not going to have much time for writing until Monday at the earliest. Not the best way to spend a three-day weekend, I tell you what.

So if you don’t hear much from me for the next few days, you’ll know why. Rest assured, however, that I’m cracking down as hard as I can, trying to get as much sleep as possible, and just putting words on the page.

Until then.

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