Mea Culpa…Again

I just realized on Saturday that I didn’t do EITHER of my blog posts for last week. That’s by far the longest I’ve gone without posting and it ruins a reasonably consistent streak that I had going. Suffice it to say, I’m not thrilled with myself, but there’s nothing to be done about it now. And, at the very least, I had an excuse.

So, I’m just closing Part III of the novel, and my deadline for finishing Part IV is Sunday. That’s not a lot of time to write a dozen scenes, much less the climactic scenes that need to get done. So…things may get stretched. That’s okay, though; I’m not working for a major publisher and I can allow things to get squishy. Plus, some of the things I had allotted their own separate time interval–things like cover design, layout, back-cover copy, and so forth–can overlap with the copyediting phase. I’d prefer that I had enough time to really focus on each thing as it came, but whatever.

I spent this entire week working at NaNoWriMo-like intensity trying to refactor and conclude Part III, which seems like it wouldn’t be hard, but it kind of was. It seems that despite my best attempts to the contrary, my rate of production has slipped a fair amount. Obviously my prose is a little more polished and the ideas are a little more sound when I’m writing slowly, but I’m not sure the tradeoff is worth it. That’s a¬†secondary point, though, because I need to write 2000+ words a day this week just to squeak by, and if the prose happens to suffer that’s barely worth thinking about. I will, after all, get one final revision for word choice.

As something of an aside, I find it interesting that when I NaNoWriMo ends, and I start thinking about my writing on a deeper level, I spend so much more time writing the same amount of text that it becomes almost sacred for me. I’m so reluctant to can what I have and redo it because the weight of all that time hangs so heavily over me. So I try to adapt and tweak, adapt and tweak, and in the end, more often than not, I have to can it and redo it anyway because it doesn’t work. In the long run, trying to save time, even if it is half subconscious, takes more time. Anyone else noticed that?

For better or worse, that’s no longer relevant for Fugitives from Earth because the end is so near. It’s definitely something I need to think about for the next novel, though, whether I write it for NaNoWriMo or not. Here’s hoping I don’t slow things down even more by trying to misapply the lessons I learned from FfE.

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