The Finish Line

That panting sound you hear is me getting close to the end of the finish line. After weeks of increasingly hard work, I’m getting oh-so-close to finally putting Fugitives from Earth to bed. As of this morning, I have approximately 6,000 words left in the phase 2 revision; that’s only five scenes or so (a couple of them are pretty short). Once those are out of the way, we have a week-long final read-through, during which I start handing pages over to the copy-editor.

Speaking of which, I have to thank my lovely wife for volunteering to do the copyediting. She doesn’t have the technical qualifications that a lot of professional copyeditors do, and more unfortunately, she’s already read the book. However, she possess an enviable attention to detail, forthright determination, and the ability to break bad news to me gently. She’s doing me a tremendous service, and for that I am profoundly grateful.

I’m also quite grateful to be finishing Fugitives from Earth. I’m reasonably happy with the way that the story’s ending up, and I won’t be embarrassed to sell it, but still. My skills have advanced so much over the course of writing this book that I’m measurably a better writer now than I was. That’s great. But it also means that I’m finishing a novel that was, in large part, written by someone who is not as good a writer as I am now. The only way to fix that would be a complete re-write, and at this point, that’s not worth it.

That’s what the next novel is for. I’ve been thinking about it off and on for several months now, and I’m raring to go. Look foward to some information about that in an upcoming post. First, though, I’ve got a ton of short story ideas that I want to get off my chest. I also want to have a plan for mixing up shorts with my novels so that I don’t get as close to burn-out as I am now.

That’s all for the future, though. Right now, there’s only this weekend, and those last few thousand words. See you on Monday.


One response to “The Finish Line

  1. I am so excited to hear how close you are. I also feel the same about my first novel. I’ve actually told a few folks (reviewers) that I realize the writing is a bit uneven and the prologue is a little slow. I wasn’t going to publish it at first. You know, put the first one away and call it a learning experience. But after 3 years I reread it and it has a lot to say. It’s a fun read and what the heck. I priced it to reflect that it’s not Best Seller List stuff and so far even reviewers who are complete strangers have given me 4 stars and positive feedback. Can’t wait to read FFE!

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