The Calm Before

Flush with the triumph of my two-week sprint, I took the first half of this one off, writing-wise (except for some miscellaneous tasks). My reward for pushing through was to allow myself to purchase a computer game I’ve been waiting for forever: Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

This is the worthy heir to the original Deus Ex that I’ve been waiting for (Deus Ex Invisible War certainly wasn’t it). In the last decade, the way shooters have developed means that game publishers are seeking after the Halo/Call of Duty-style hits with simple, linear campaigns and highly-developed multiplayer rather than a deep non-linear single-player experience. Fortunately, Human Revolution harkens back to the original, and comes as close as anything to meeting its high standards.

Let’s talk writing for a moment. I’m almost done with my read-through of Part I, and my goal is to have Part II and Part III done by the end of next weekend. Shouldn’t be too hard, since I’m just shotgunning my way through, trying to stay ahead of my wife’s red pen. I am correcting egregious stylistic errors, but a lot of the language is kind of committed now. Which is probably fine; I could correct it forever if I let myself.

It’s going to be pretty intense, though. I have about three weeks to get the final version done with the final cover so I can start layout on CreateSpace. I think I can make it–I made my last deadline, after all–but this weekend is going to be the only real break that I get until everything is submitted. So this is what being a real writer feels like!

I am allowing myself a few minutes here and there to write things unrelated to Fugitives from Earth. I’ve been forced to ignore the semi-weekly challenges run by NIWA, but this time I’m letting myself write a short short story for it. I’ve also got my final edits for our inaugural anthology to submit before the middle of next week.

Ah, the writer’s life. Now that the fun part is over with regard to FfE, I’m very much looking forward to putting it to bed and getting started on the next thing. Hopefully, that one won’t be quite so intense.

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