Busy Busy, As Always

The deadline is fast approaching, so I’ve been reserving my writing time for actual writing rather than blog posts. As you can imagine, these posts will be a little shorter and more scarce over the next two to three weeks.

On schedule, I’ve finished my Part I re-read and I’m halfway through Part II. I hope to get that finished tomorrow, and then it’s on to Part III over the weekend. I might even be able to get it entirely done by Sunday, and then I can do Part IV over the first couple days of next week. That’ll give me a little breathing room to do the cover and a bit of layout research.

Speaking of revision, I’ve mostly been skimming each chapter to make sure that the whole story flows, and to make sure that I don’t do the same exposition twice. So far I haven’t had to make any major changes in that regard, but I did make one other discovery: I use adverbs a lot.

It’s not as bad in the more recent additions to the novel, but really throughout all of my work, I use adverbs way too often. I’ve pretty much just hit ctrl-f to find, typed in “ly” and fixed most of the stuff it found. In particular I had a lot of egregious uses of the worst adverbs of them all: “probably,” “actually,” and “really.” Nine times out of ten, I just cut the word and the sentence still works.

I don’t think that it’s a horrible thing to overdo the adverbs on an initial draft. Inelegant as they might be, they get the point across and serve as decent placeholders for the better description that comes in later drafts. It’s not worth my time to come up with nicer-sounding alternatives right in the first draft, since it’ll probably get changed anyway. That’s what revisions are for, after all.

So that’s my rapid post for today. I’m going to be out of town all weekend, so no post until next┬áMonday, at which point I will be nearly done with the final creative work on Fugitives from Earth. Stand by!

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