The Countdown Has an Ending

Holy crap I’ve been a bad blogger. Over a week without a post? And my posts have been getting more and more irregular? That’s a problem. In fact, coming up shortly I’m going to be re-examining this whole blogging thing. I like having this personal web space, but if I can’t keep it nice and updated, what’s the point?

And more than anything, I need to find some new things to talk about. I’m starting to bore myself talking over and over again about the novel countdown. Yes, it’s stressful, but that somehow doesn’t make it automatically riveting.

Fortunately, in regard to Fugitives from Earth, the stress is about to end (or at least, mutate). It turned out that the only person with the time to do the copyediting, who was willing to do it for free, was me. My wife put in a valiant effort, but she’s even busier than I am, and I still don’t have hundreds of free dollars to spend on the novel, especially since I still have to get it printed.

So that copyediting is a little over half done, and I have every confidence that the novel will be finished (at least in terms of the story) by this weekend. That’ll leave me a few days to do the formatting, and plenty of time to get my review copy before ordering actual printed books for OryCon!

It’s kind of unreal that it’s so close; I’m looking forward to going back to being an actual writer. I feel like I’ve been doing less and less work per day as this novel’s drawn itself out and out. I definitely don’t want to have a major deadline like this if I can ever help it; doing some other creative work would’ve helped to lessen the pain a bit, and kept me from losing my good habits.

Anyway, the next time you hear from me, by this weekend, I should have the novel well in hand. Then I can start the non-writerly parts of self publishing. Yay!


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