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First Draft: THE END

As of this morning, the first draft of Fugitives from Earth is officially complete! I typed “THE END” about ten minutes before I had to leave for work. In some ways, this is a huge accomplishment for me: it’s the longest thing I’ve ever written by far, the longest I’ve ever continuously worked on something, and the first draft of a novel I’ve finished that I could really call complete. In other ways, this isn’t such a big deal. After all, the novel itself isn’t done. It isn’t even close. But I’m going to celebrate anyway.

For fun, here are some statistics:

  • 110,649 words (that’s 443 pages at the industry-standard 250 words per page)
  • 75 days (starting November 1st)
  • 1475 words per day on average, unless you don’t count my nine-day Christmas break, in which case it’s 1677.

Really, the most important thing is that I proved to myself that I could do it. In so doing I probably wrote a worse draft than I otherwise would’ve, since I didn’t trust myself to take a break for any sorts of revision or non-linear writing. Hopefully, this will make it easier the next time, but that time’s a long way off. First, a little break while I think about some different stories, while I get the creative juices flowing. Then, revision starts.

Drinks tonight to celebrate, then Steampunk 101 at the Attic Institute tomorrow.