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It was a long, hard road. I wrote more in two weeks than I have since NaNoWriMo. But, thanks to the power of deadlines, I did it. The last major revision of Fugitives from Earth is done.

Eff yes.

That doesn’t mean the novel is done done. I’m starting to seriously doubt that day will ever come. There’s still a last streamlining edit–I want to read through the whole thing and smooth over any egregiously uneven bits–and, following just behind that, the copyediting. My wife the copyeditor will also be looking for consistency and any other major uh-ohs that somehow escape my iron insight.

And that’s to say nothing about the actual layout or cover art. Fortunately, that stuff isn’t nearly so intense and the deadline isn’t quite so close. Even better, it all means that I can stop putting the bulk of my creative energies into FfE.

So what’s next in the immediate future other than what I mentioned above? Well, I’ve got a bunch of ideas for short stories I want to write. I was going to start getting into short stories several months ago, you may recall, but the deadline pressures were just too much. That’s no longer true, of course, so even when work on the next novel commences, I want to keep shorts part of my routine.

Speaking of the next novel, I’m starting to assemble my thoughts for the pre-writing process. I’ve had a bunch of semi-coherent ideas bouncing around for months, and I think they’ve just gestated enough that they’ll survive being written down.

I haven’t decided on anything firmly, mind, but it’s going to be much different from FfE (no sequels for me, thank you. At least, not yet). It’ll be young adult. It’ll be urban fantasy of an unusual sort. It’ll have just one or two viewpoints and take place over a much shorter time than FfE.

Hopefully, it’ll also take me less time to write.


I Have Built a Civilization

This is a little worldbuilding exercise for a roleplaying game I’m running next week. Worldbuilding tends to be my favorite part of planning stories, and it’s so easy to get caught up in placing all of the little pieces on my imaginary map that I strictly limit how much I let myself do. Being able to cut loose for a few days has been tremendously enjoyable.

This is incomplete and subject to change, but I felt like sharing it because I rather like how it turned out. There are also a few things that I would probably change if it wasn’t an RPG setting, but whatever. Bonus points if you can figure out which historical civilization it’s based on.

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Knowing is Half the Battle

As I wrote recently, I recently spent an evening plotting out my story all the way to the end, scene by scene. I did this to give myself a feeling of direction and, if I’m honest with myself, to put off writing a draft that seemed interminable.

But I am so freaking glad that I did it. I always hated the idea of doing scene outlines before because it seemed to take all of the joy out of writing. Like, rather than experiencing the story, you were just recording it, and that seemed like work rather than fun. But ooh boy, was I wrong.

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There Are Many Others Like Them But They Are Mine

Day 3 of NaNoWriMo. I just hit 10,000 words, averaging 3,336 words per day, which is pretty awesome. My plot is still moving along, my characters are going a little bit crazy, and I’m having a rocking good time.

I went to a write-in yesterday at SE Woodstock, at a coffee shop called Papaccino’s. Pretty cool place, nice time, fun experience. There were about a dozen folks there typing away on their laptops, drinking coffee, daring each other to write faster – it was a great atmosphere. Even though there will probably just be a couple of people there next week due to inevitable attrition, I’m definitely enjoying the social NaNo experience. In fact I’m “hosting” a write-in at McMenamin’s Market Street Pub on Friday – if you’re a Portland wrimo reading this, show up! Continue reading