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Characters as Plot

So, as my last post suggested, I had a few unpleasant writing days at the end of last week, culminating in a low point on Saturday. I just felt worthless, unable to succeed, unable to even produce.

And then, yesterday (just after my last post, in fact) I had one of the most brilliant writing days in recent memory. Today, I had another one. I feel like I’m on a roller coaster and I’m my heart is plunging into my stomach as I rocket up a steep incline.* So, let me tell you exactly what has triggered this burst of production.

Well, most basically, it was just shutting up, sitting down, and writing. But that’ll always help so I’ll spare the lecture. What was really remarkable about the last couple of days was something entirely new to me in all of my experience in writing: figuring out the plot of my story all the way though by developing the characters.

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